Day 232: Artist + Strategy


So first things first, today we officially started working with our artist. The artist is Maria Terentieva from Massachusetts. She’s an up-and-coming artist from Boston who recently graduated from art school. She’s really talented and I’m excited about the opportunity to work with her.

I encourage you all to check out her website:

I believe that she’s exactly what this project needs.

Today was about formally bringing her on board.


Other than formally bringing Maria on board, today was mostly about strategy. For one thing, I’ve found an artist and while I plan to supervise, I won’t actually be doing art. So I needed to see where I needed to concentrate my efforts next.

This is my plan for this week:

Tuesday: Work to get Maria some samples of what I’m looking for in terms of character art. Communicate with her so that she can get started ASAP.

Wednesday: I’m also going to work on setting up paperwork to set up the production companies for Eternal Camping. I’ll likely communicate with key members of the team in this regard.  I have a free weekly trial for LegalZoom so I might as well take advantage of it.

Thursday: I’m going to look over the pitch video again. Only this time, I’m going to cover the screen. This way I can start planning out how to edit the storyboard and character art into the video.

Friday: I’m going to look over the audio files we collected from the microphone to see how usable they are. Right now the pitch video audio is straight from the camera: the audio files have been organized but I really need to go through them. This might determine if we need to re-record audio or not especially in some parts.

I am considering moving formal strategy day from Monday to Friday.