Day 231: Artist + Video


Today¬† I sent the video out to my fellow producers. Now I know what you are thinking: if you finished the video yesterday, why did I wait until today to send it out? The answer was simple. I’m using Google Drive to share the video to people: this way it’s not public but it’s accessible to the producers anywhere. Last time I tried, we had some issues as it took a while for Google Drive to process the video and it also took a couple hours to upload. So I gave Drive a day to upload/process the video before sending it out. I also took the time to watch the video.

So far early feedback is encouraging!


The big update today had to do with the artist: I finally finalized the hiring of one of them! I’m pretty excited about this artist! She came recommended to me by Jeffrey Santos and I can’t wait to see what she does! Anyways, she’ll formally start doing the art next week. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.