Day 229: Artist + Video


I’ve about edited half of the Indiegogo video today in a rough draft format. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s way better than the last video. The pitch is tighter, Jeff has a more natural presence on camera, and the setting is more visually interesting. The bad news? We might not be able to use any of it because of a factor outside our control: the sun. My apartment had bad natural lighting and wasn’t visually interesting. Outside, though, was more dynamic but it did mean that there was squinting. That might make most of the footage we shot unusable.


The good news is I’m closer and closer to maybe getting an artist as I have at least two who have indicated interest in doing some or all of the art at the price I have listed ($200). These artists are very talented and can definitely get us art we can use instead of actual video footage. We shall see.