Day 227: Strategy + Artist + Video


So today was a strategy day but I also worked on other aspects of the project. I think I’m on track and I’m preparing to edit the new version of the video. I plan on looking over the footage tomorrow to come up with a game plan of how to edit it together, then on Wednesday and Thursday editing the video, and sending it for review on Friday. I’ll also keep looking to hire an artist.


Today I uploaded the new video files over to my brand external hard drive and re-organized the files. This way I know from which shoot (the practice video or this new shooting) the footage comes from and which audio files to match. I am now ready to delve into the files starting tomorrow.


I didn’t do that much regarding hiring an artist. I did look over my correspondence. Tomorrow I plan to get in touch with those I’ve been waiting a reply on and contacting a few new artists I have a lead on. The search continues!