Day 226: Video

Today I took a break from looking for an artist to reshoot the Indiegogo video! There are a few differences this time around from the last time that I shot it. Wat’s different? Just about everything.

There is a brand new script that I worked with Jeffrey Santos on that repeats less information and goes more into detail. It’s far better, I’m way happier with it, and it’s more natural. So overall we were working on a better pitch than the one in the practice video.

We also shot outside. This was important because I still don’t have any lights. Shooting outside meant being able to use natural lighting: it looks a lot better. It’s still not perfect since we didn’t have any equipment (which allows us to do things like directing sunlight in a direction) but it’s way better.

I was also behind the camera the whole time. This meant I was managing the camera and the microphone. The person pitching it was Jeffrey Santos. I have yet to look over the footage but I think he did a far better job than me.

This looks to be a far improved video. Is it the one we’ll be using? We’ll have to see. It’s possible we’ll need to reshoot all of it or parts of it. It’s also possible we’ll replace any bad pits with the art we’re looking for.