Day 222: Strategy and Artist

Today I made progress on the artist front AND I worked on strategy. First, let’s talk about the artist. I got some people interested in potentially doing art for the project. I’m still going to keep looking until I’ve got an artist committed. This is pretty exciting and I’m hoping that I will have an artist by the end of the week. Interestingly, I have yet to hear back from Staff Me Up. I’m not sure what’s up there.

In other news, I worked some on strategy. I think that once I have an artist, we’ll see some real progress being made again. Meanwhile, I’ve started to figure out what kind of budget I could have for a video editor and an audio editor to work on the project especially if we’re going to be using art as part of the video. I know how to edit video footage but using primarily digital art? That’s a different story.

I have a pretty good feeling about this week!