Day 217: Artist

Okay so I’ve checked the job posting. I got a couple of llamas on DeviantArt (I think that’s good) but so far no one has bit. That’s fine, I’ll bump the thread or create a new one in the actual jobs section next week if I don’t get any offers over the weekend. I also followed up on a few leads from the beginning of the week making sure they didn’t forget and to get an update: one of them might still pan out!

I’d say that if last week was picking the art and slowly beginning the search for an artist, this week was more phase one of starting the search. Next week I’ll likely expand the search to actual job sites (like Staff Me Up) and continue to expand the search until I have an artist. Unlike the crew search, there is no real “deadline” to finding an artist so I do have some time.

There is a chance I might reshoot the Indiegogo video in a couple of weeks but we’ll see.