Day 215: Artist

I continue to search for an artist by expanding my search! The first thing I did was create a special e-mail for Eternal Camping. That means that I can use this e-mail for potential job applicants and other uses. I connected it to my e-mail application on my computer and phone so that I instantly get any e-mails. From now on, this is where I will be doing official Eternal Camping communication.

I also added a special page on this site with the job posting and a contact form that will send any people interested in the job to the new Eternal Camping e-mail. I will slowly be updating all accounts to use the new e-mail address.

I created a new account for DeviantArt. For some reason, I kept getting server errors whenever I tried creating a new thread and am waiting for their support team to get back to me. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I also posted on some social network sites looking for people. Anyways if you are an artist, please apply!