Day 205: Review

Hey guys! I’m back from my break! I am feeling a little under the weather today but I got straight to work.

I’ve gotten a lot of good notes regarding the pitch video and I am definitely going to work at reshooting it. I’ll be giving more details come next Monday but I’ve got to do some research before I fully commit to it. I’m actually pretty excited: this should lead to a more dynamic video that explains the project!

Today, though, I started working more on the teaser that will appear before the pitch video begins. I went over the video footage on more time that I got of woods. It’s possible we won’t be using that footage and once that decision has been made, I’ll really start to create a rough cut. I just wanted to refresh myself on what I got.

I also started going over the audio footage. I can’t really edit them fully together until the video is done (as the video determines pacing) but I’m starting to get a sense of the different quality of the recordings. Hopefully I’ll be able to work with that or an editor can so that it sounds uniform in terms of quality. The performances are all top-notch! Tomorrow I’ll bring them together.