Day 202: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy, making sure that I’m on track, figuring out what I need to do, and working to ensure that I’m making real progress on Eternal Camping.

One of these things is working on scheduling. Now this week I’m taking Thursday and Friday off and I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off of next week. I might work on some Eternal Camping stuff during those days but there are circumstances that will make it difficult to really work on the project on those days.

So since there will be no strategy day next week, I did a schedule for two weeks!

Tuesday: Practice Video Editing Session

Wednesday: Practice Video Editing Session

Thursday: Break

Friday: Break

Monday: Break

Tuesday: Break

Wednesday: Teaser Video Editing Session

Thursday: Teaser Video Editing Session

Friday: Teaser Video Editing Session

This will allow me to put together a rough cut of both parts of the video to see where I need to improve and if I need to bring in a professional editor to help out.