Day 200: Video Review

First! Wow, 200 days of doing this! That’s amazing! That’s 200 days of working on this movie project, slowly making progress towards securing funding hopefully through Indiegogo. In the 200 days, I’ve written a script, I’ve set up an Indiegogo page after doing a budget, I’ve done some other pre-production work, and I’ve been working hard on shooting an Indiegogo video. I’ve also brought my friend Jeffrey Santos on board to help produce the movie.

In fact, today he sent me shots of woods that he filmed and it is great! I’m pretty excited about this. That means I have the shots of woods, the voice recordings, and a practice video done of me pitching to the camera. I know have the tools I need to assemble a rough draft of the video while preparing to shoot me pitching for real! We’re getting closer to launching the Indiegogo campaign!

Today I reviewed the footage that I shot over the last week or so. I took a screenshot of the video just so you can get a peek at it! Remember: this is a video I shot by myself for practice. It’s far from the best quality, it has serious lighting issues, but that is how I look like and the shirt I plan to wear.