Day 199: Video Review

Today I began reviewing the footage. Okay, that’s mostly true. Most of the time I have dedicated to Eternal Camping was actually spent in service of the video. The first thing I did was go to the Apple Store and bought the cheapest external hard drive I could find. Why? It’s better to store the footage I got on an external hard drive for easy transfer and so it doesn’t take up space on my computer. Most importantly, this hard drive also came with a cloud storage AND I have the footage still on the memory cards meaning that for now, it’s all safe.

I’m not sure yet how to share the footage/audio recordings with my fellow producer since he’s not in Los Angeles but I’ll try to find a way over the weekend. Anyways, once I got the hard drive, I then transferred the video files and audio recordings from their respective memory cards unto my computer. Then I set up folders (so this way instead of just dumping them into the hard drive, it’s all organized and easy to find) and dropped the files on their respective folders. This did take some time. Finally, I did quick “quality” checks to make sure that all of the files worked and that the audio was fine. This is more to make sure it works rather than to see if it’s any good. Finally, I took all the recording sessions from all the actors and actresses and put them in the hard drive.

Tomorrow I’m going to over the footage some more and come up with a hopeful plan on bringing the rough draft of the video together.