Day 198: Indiegogo Video

Today I finished shooting the Indiegogo practice video! I’m going to go over the footage over the next couple days and put together a rough draft of the video on Friday. Overall, I’m pretty happy to be done. I feel like I learned a lot-especially my weaknesses that hopefully I’ll be able to overcome when I shoot the real video. My two biggest complains remain theĀ  lighting (we’ll see how I look like on a computer screen though) and my awkward line delivery to the camera. I feel like I can sell the project better when I’m talking to a person. Every time I explain the project to actual people, people get more and more interested in seeing it come true. But when I talk to the camera, it’s hard for me to just read a script.

Which is why I’m happy I shot the practice video: it’s a good learning experience and I can give myself notes!