Day 195: Indiegogo Video

I get closer to finishing the practice video for the Indiegogo page. If I felt awkward the last few days speaking to the camera, it was more awkward today I as I did some close-up shots: speaking to my face in the camera was at times distracting! This is partly why I feel the need to have a director: if I have someone behind the camera to speak to, I feel like I’d be doing a better job. Or not, who knows? I do feel like I’m getting better the more I do this though so that’s promising.

Tomorrow I’ll continue shooting the video. I feel like next Monday will be another strategy day, I’ll shoot at least one more day on Tuesday, and then review the footage on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I’ll come up with a new plan for the real Indiegogo video. I am getting excited doing these videos though! It’s making the Indiegogo feel more real!