Day 192: Strategy Session

Today was a strategy day! I feel like until we launch the Indiegogo campaign, I should spend Mondays on strategy: figuring out what needs to be done, how to do it, and what I’ve done.

Since my focus right now is the Indiegogo project here’s where we’re at:

  1. I asked Jeff to look over the Indiegogo page. He should be doing that sometime this week.
  2. I’m going to keep shooting the Indiegogo video by myself Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is simply for practice: I can look at my performance and learn from it for when I can get an actual crew to help.
  3. I have one final recording session for the voice-overs. After that, I just need to collect them all and put them in one place until I’m ready to edit them.

Overall, we are making progress but it’s going to take a while until we’re really ready. In fact, the Indiegogo project might not launch until the summer which is disappointing but it’s the way it is.