Day 191: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

So today for the first time I tried shooting the video. I didn’t do the whole thing: turns out shooting a video by yourself really slows things down. Anyways, I did learn some things from today. The first is that I have a lighting issue: since I have no lights of my own, it didn’t look as well as I would like. The second is I’m not sure if I was necessarily any good in presenting the material. This likely means I will be reshooting the material but at least I believe that I’m getting good actual practice on tape. I don’t yet know if I’m going to continue filming it, find a way to pay for a crew, or do something else.

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

I’ve started to work with the other actor in finding a time to schedule a recording session next week.

Indiegogo Page:

No progress since the video took all my time today.