Day 190: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

So today was kinda spent dedicated to the video pitch. I went and got a haircut so that I look my best. I made sure I picked good clothes (wanted to double check) and I actually ended up going with a different shirt. I got my boom mike stand and set it next to the camera trip. I tested out the mike with the stand to get an idea of where to put it-it looks like it’s always going to have to be near me. I don’t know how good the video is going to turn out to be but hopefully if this effort isn’t good then I can learn how to improve it going forward!

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

No progress. Have yet to hear from the guy I picked for the last role.

Indiegogo Page:

Some small minor progress but really today was spent making sure everything is ready for tomorrow’s video shoot!