Day 188: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

Today I set up the camera equipment in my apartment: the tripod and camera are both ready for when I shoot! I also rehearsed a bit in front of the camera. The only thing left is the boom mike. I ordered a mike stand that should arrive by Thursday. If it doesn’t then I can hold off shooting the video until Friday.

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

I had a successful recording session with the actress I picked for Odessa! I think she did a great job! Finally, I also contacted an actor for the last remaining role: Computerized Message. I’m hoping to work out a recording time with him soon! Overall, almost done with this part of the teaser.

Indiegogo Page:

I added a bio for Jeffrey Santos on the Indiegogo page. I also re-organized some of the materials, changed pronouns so that we’re a team, and in general I worked on the page to get it closer to launch.