Day 187: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

I worked on rehearsing for the video pitch some. I plan to set up the camera/tripod tomorrow so that I can start practicing in front of the camera: I won’t actually record but this way I have a better idea of how it’s actually going to be like shooting in front. I think based on my schedule, I will be shooting the video on Thursday. This gives me enough time to get a haircut and a few other things I still need to do to get ready.

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

I have a recording session scheduled for tomorrow. I also went through the list of finalists for the Computerized Message one more time and I likely will be casting that role tomorrow. I’m hoping to then set up the recording session by the end of next week at the latest.

Indiegogo Page:

I continued to work on the Indiegogo page, making some edits that I think are important and will lead to a better page. I’ll continue working on the page throughout the rest of the week.