Day 186: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

I continued to work on the video pitch by rehearsing my lines. I’ve also laid out my clothes that I’m going to wear for the pitch video and washed them to make sure they were clean. I then ironed the shirt. Not exactly the most exciting update, I know, but it was nice to get the wardrobe ready now rather than next week. At this moment, I am planning on filming the video Wednesday or Thursday.

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

I’ve been working with the mother of the actress I cast to schedule a recording session. It looks like she’ll be able to do it, which is great as it means one less character to worry about. I believe I’ll cast the last role at the beginning of next week. Not a lot of other progress on this front.

Indiegogo Page:

I did some work on the Indiegogo page. I didn’t really do much beyond that: I do plan on adding the pie chart next week.


This wasn’t a big day but we are getting closer to being able to edit together the Indiegogo video.