Day 184: Indiegogo

Indiegogo Video Pitch:

I kept practicing the lines in front of the mirror. I don’t just want them memorized but I also want to practice what I’m doing with my body as I say these lines: this way, I’m not just speaking to the camera but using my hands to help communicate my ideas. In essence, I’m sort of directing myself so that when I actually shoot the pitch, it’ll go as smoothly as possible.

Indiegogo Video Teaser:

I do have a choice set out for Odessa and I’ll be sending out the e-mail sometime tomorrow. I would send the e-mail today but I wanted to confirm the choice with the people helping me with the project before I did that: I’m waiting to hear back from them to make sure that the choice is solid.

Indiegogo Page:

I kept working on the Indiegogo page, making edits here and there. There isn’t much to write about this part largely because the changes were small in nature. I do plan on some re-writes on parts of the page that I feel could be spruced up but I want to sleep on it before I make them.