Day 182: Strategy

Today I dedicated more towards strategy for two reasons: to see if it’s still likely I can launch the Indiegogo campaign by the end of April and if so how to do that. If not, then how quickly can I get ready to launching the campaign.

In the end, I determined that while I won’t be ready by the end of April, if this level of progress continues then I might be ready by the end of May. I’m hoping this is the last time I need to delay the Indiegogo campaign because otherwise it means I likely won’t be able to actually shoot the movie at the end of August.

There are three things that need to happen before I can launch the campaign:

[*] The respective companies need to be established. I might be able to do this by the end of April but chances are it will occur mid-May. This is mostly submitting paperwork to the proper people.

[*] I need to finish the video. As such, I’m going to look into shooting the video where I talk to the camera by myself next week. I’ve tried looking for a crew with little luck: we’ll see if I can do a good job on my own. If not, I’ll go back to looking for a crew with the possibility of pay. The recordings are almost done and I hear from Jeff that it’ll soon be ideal to shoot the video part of the teaser. After it’s all shot, it needs to be edited which might take some time.

[*] The page itself needs to be finalized and completed. Also, ideally I’d like to spread the word a little more about the campaign to try and see if I can get some early backers committed.

I’m making progress on the second and third bullet point and have done research on how to do the first! So little by little, we’re getting closer to the Indiegogo campaign!