Day 172: Recording + Casting


I continue to work towards scheduling recording sessions with the actors and I also contacted another actor, this time for the role of Austin. This was a tough choice because of the significance of the role-particularly in the teaser because he has two lines. There are only two roles left to cast: Odessa and Computerized Message. I should have those two done by the end of the week.

Recording Session:

I actually had a recording session today! It was done over the phone because the actor is from outside Los Angeles. It was pretty neat not only hearing the actor perform what I wrote (even if it’s just one line) but getting different variations on it for the teaser. It went pretty well!


I don’t exactly know yet when I’ll be shooting the Indiegogo video (I’m thinking end of March) but if you want to help or you know someone who will be free to help, please get in touch with me! I’ll need someone to handle camera and someone to handle boom. I have a lead on a potential Director of Photography that a friend of mine thinks is brilliant so we’ll see if I can lock him in!