Day 171: Casting


The good news is that I’ve pretty much gotten another recording session scheduled for next week and am on track for setting up another. That would leave three recording sessions for next week. That’s pretty good. The not-so-good news is I have yet to hear back from one of the people I’m seeking to cast. I’m going to wait for the weekend and if I don’t hear back I’ll be forced to move on. I should be contacting more people soon as well to cast them.


I don’t exactly know yet when I’ll be shooting the Indiegogo video (I’m thinking end of March) but if you want to help or you know someone who will be free to help, please get in touch with me! I’ll need someone to handle camera and someone to handle boom. I have a lead on a potential Director of Photography that a friend of mine thinks is brilliant so we’ll see if I can lock him in!