Day 161: Updates


There is good news! I’ve pretty much have locked down and picked who I’m going to cast in the Indiegogo video. I was able to work with Jeff Santos and someone else who is helping me with this to finally make decisions today. Alas, the decisions weren’t 100% locked down until it was too late for me to contact people so that’s going to happen early next week. Hopefully they’ll say yes and will still be free to record.


I’ve started working on a draft to add to the Indiegogo page that outlines how we’ve budgeted the Eternal Camping movie. This includes telling people how much money we plan for each part of the production and generally where we are spending it on. I’ll finish this section sometime next week but it’s pretty much ready for me to just plug it into the page.


I don’t exactly know yet when I’ll be shooting the Indiegogo video (I’m thinking end of March) but if you want to help or you know someone who will be free to help, please get in touch with me! I’ll need someone to handle camera and someone to handle boom.