Day 157: Casting List

Today I did a few things. The first is that I came up with at least one name and at most three names in a list and sent them to people helping me with making casting decisions. I believe I’ll have the whole project casted by the end of the week. I also made sure that the spreadsheet was completely updated now that the deadline for submissions has passed. Finally, I’ve also started looking into good dates to shoot the Indiegogo pitch video and figuring out a way to get good help (a crew) I can trust to shoot it. I plan on getting a crew first before setting down a firm date but I still want some target timeline.

As it is, I’m not sure if we’ll meet the deadline to launch the Indiegogo campaign by the end of the March. The casting process took way longer than expected, I haven’t shot the pitch video yet, and I have yet to get the footage of woods for the teaser trailer. I am now aiming to launch the Indiegogo campaign by the end of April-while still aiming to shoot the actual movie in August.