Day 153: Casting: Odessa

I continued to go through every Odessa submission and I have pretty much narrowed it down to about three kids and a couple of  adults for the role. Obviously, this might change since I’m still accepting submissions and a pretty good one can still get in on that list. For now, I am getting closer to reaching a conclusion for the role of Odessa. I also updated the spreadsheet with new information. Tomorrow, I’m going try to narrow down for the Computerized Message role.

It is not too late to submit an application for the Austin, Antonio, Odessa, Dallas, Laredo, and Houston roles as we’ve yet to commit to anyone! This is a reminder that this casting is for the Indiegogo video and it’s voice-over only. Meaning you can record from pretty much anywhere in the United States. The casting for the actual movie will take place once we have secured funding.

You can apply through backstage, by sending Eternal Camping Facebook page a message, or by contacting me by sending me a message using the contact form on the front page of the Eternal Camping site.