Day 146: Spreadsheet Work

I continued to work on the spreadsheet by finishing to add all the people I wasn’t able to get to yesterday. Next week, when I start contacting people for specific line readings for the remaining roles and the people I have yet to contact for Odessa, I’ll be able to easily add them and keep track of everyone. This should also make it easier for the other producers to know who is submitting and all the information they need to know: it’ll all be in a handy spreadsheet!

It is not too late to submit an application for the Odessa, Dallas, Laredo, and Houston roles as we’ve yet to commit to anyone! This is a reminder that this casting is for the Indiegogo video and it’s voice-over only. Meaning you can record from pretty much anywhere in the United States. The casting for the actual movie will take place once we have secured funding.


Quality Problems:

A friend of mine, Will Underwood, produced a crowdfunded film for a movie called Quality Problems. He’s trying to get 500 followers on Seed and Spark to get the word out about the work they did! I haven’t seen it but knowing Will Underwood, I’m sure that it’s a great indie film!

Please “follow” the film for free! You can click this link.


Fields Afire:

If you are interested in more works by Will Underwood, check out Fields Afire! He directed this movie and it had a good run on the festival circuit. I recommend checking it out!

Twitter Handle: @FieldsAfire
IMDB: Fields Afire (2014)
Here is the facebook page: