Day 145: Casting Spreadsheet

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of line readings from people I’ve contacted about the Odessa role and I realized that there was a small problem: it was a bit difficult to keep track of who replied especially since many of them were e-mailing me. I had already organized people using the backstage website but now a lot of the information was off the site. It also means I had a lot of links or audio attachments that I needed to be able to keep a track off: especially since more people have auditioned for Austin and the Computerized Warning Message role than Odessa, I needed to find a way to better keep track of this information. Today I started building a spreadsheet that allows me to properly keep track of people who have submitted, line readings they sent me, as well as opinions from the Eternal Camping team.

It is not too late to submit an application for the Odessa, Dallas, Laredo, and Houston roles as we’ve yet to commit to anyone! This is a reminder that this casting is for the Indiegogo video and it’s voice-over only. Meaning you can record from pretty much anywhere in the United States. The casting for the actual movie will take place once we have secured funding.