Day 141: More Casting Work

Today I continued going through casting submissions. I feel like the work that I did this week will mean that I will be able to make more progress next week in actually casting the movie. There were over 100 people who applied for this project for free work so having to go through the submissions, trying to decide who are potentially the best people for the job, and who to come back to potentially if my initial top picks don’t pan out took time and it’s not one hundred percent done but I am getting closer to being able to make a decision.

Jeffrey “Jeff” Santos Joins the Team:

Having said that I am proud to announce that Jeffrey Santos has joined the Eternal Camping team as a producer. He’s been helping me with the budget (he’s cut the budget from $250k to $88k!) and has been helping me with other aspects of the product. He’s a friend of mine in Boston.

Here is a bio he wrote about himself:

Jeffrey Santos has been in the Film/TV industry since 2008. Starting out as an actor Jeff eventually branched out to production when he arrived at Boston University in 2012. As an actor Jeff was nominated in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor at the Down Beach Film Festival. Although most acting roles were on the independent scene, Jeff’s work also includes some minor production work in Los Angeles.