Day 137: Setback But Moving Forward

Today I have some bad news. Last week I was able to get a D.P. who agreed to help shoot the Indiegogo video this last Saturday. I was all ready to go in and shoot the video. I had my lines mostly down and I was ready. Alas, I can’t control the actions of other people and he did not show. This means that I sadly wasn’t able to shoot the Indiegogo video this weekend.

I’m still moving forward though. I’ll reschedule the shoot for a later date-right now I’m going to concentrate on getting the voice lines for the teaser part of the video. As a reminder this is my plan for the Indiegogo video:

[*] A teaser with shots of woods with lines of the characters over it.

[*] A video of me speaking to the camera selling the project to people.

Once I have the recording of the character lines, I’m hoping to also get shots of the woods. That’s about a quarter of the video that I’ll be concentrating now and is a key part of selling the project to people.

Today I went through and organized the submissions on Backstage. It’s not too late so submit: I am still accepting submissions! Having said that, it is time for me to start making decisions.