Day 135: Prep Work

I continued to work on getting as familiar with the lines as I can before Saturday. I’ve also started to prepare my appearance for the shoot: trying to make myself as presentable as possible and going through possible wardrobe options. I’ll keep doing prep work tomorrow.

Update on Crew:

It looks like I’m going ahead with the Saturday shoot! I have locked in and confirmed a Director of Photography who will help set up the shoot and film it. I still need a boom mike operator to join the crew but if I don’t find anyone, I’ll have to cross that bridge on Saturday.

Update on Casting:

I’ve gotten many auditions for some of the roles (Odessa/Austin/Computerized Message) but I could still use more auditions for Laredo/Dallas/Houston/Antonio! Thanks to everyone who has auditioned so far though! I can’t wait to really go through all of the submissions!