Day 131: Crew Update

Okay so I still haven’t found a crew. I do have feelers out there, thanks to my friends who have been very helpful in trying to find people who can help me, so I’m going to give it the weekend before making any decision about shooting the Indiegogo video on January 30th. I might just have a crew one of one, someone to handle the audio, while I handle the camera. It’s not the ideal scenario but that’s life for you.

If you can help, I could certainly use you! Feel free to contact me at any time!

I also had some positive meetings with some people and I’m feeling pretty positive about the project!

A note:

[*] Thank you to everyone who has auditioned so far! As a note, I don’t plan on really reviewing the submissions until February rolls around. If you are interested in auditioning, please click the arrow to the right of the screen and click the link to go to the Backstage page. I especially need submissions for Houston, Laredo, Antonio, and Dallas.