Day 128: Crew Search

I made one last push on my own network to see if I can get a crew of two together today. If I don’t have anyone biting then tomorrow I’m going to start expanding the search to the general public.

There really isn’t  a lot more for me to say at this point. I have the equipment. Once I’ve got a crew, I’ll be ready to shoot the video on January 30th. After that, I’ll concentrate on getting the pitch video edited and I’ll start working on the Indiegogo teaser trailer. Then it’ll be time to finalize the actual Indiegogo page.

A note:

[*] Thank you to everyone who has auditioned so far! As a note, I don’t plan on really reviewing the submissions until February rolls around. If you are interested in auditioning, please click the arrow to the right of the screen and click the link to go to the Backstage page. I especially need submissions for Houston, Laredo, Antonio, and Dallas.