Day 126: Organization

Today I did a lot of behind the scenes work in relation to Eternal Camping. I went through and sorted messages I’ve been getting from e-mails, Facebook, and other mediums. I’ve also started to organize some of the acting reels I’ve gotten on Backstage and off Backstage. I’m not really closer to picking a voice actor. In general, the organization is more to know who applied, what kind of audio reel did they submit (music/VO reel/actual line reading) as well as their demographic information.

I also looked over the budget work so far. I’ve been having someone go in on the budget and find places where to cut money: right now it is below $100k and it’s inching closer and closer to $50k! This is  pretty good progress and next week I should be able to give a more extensive update.

Finally, I have started to get the equipment I need to shoot the Indiegogo pitch video. I have yet to open them (I’ll do that over the weekend) but I am creating an equipment spreadsheet so that in the future, I will know what equipment I have, where it is, and how it’s being used.

I plan to concentrate on getting a crew next week.

There are also a few updates I’d like to relay on this post:

[*] I am still in need of a crew for the Indiegogo video pitch on  January 30th. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail me. I need a DP, a boom operator, and perhaps a gaffer. You’ll get pizza, Coffee Bean, and I will give you a credit in the final film product as part of the Indiegogo team!

[*] Thank you to everyone who has auditioned so far! As a note, I don’t plan on really reviewing the submissions until February rolls around. If you are interested in auditioning, please click the arrow to the right of the screen and click the link to go to the Backstage page. I especially need submissions for Houston, Laredo, Antonio, and Dallas.