Day 120: Voice Actors

Recently, I outlined the three things I need to do before I can launch the Indiegogo campaign: finalize the budget, shoot the video, and set up a company.

There are a lot of the aspects for the Indiegogo video that need to be taken care of. I’ve started to look at the equipment I need to order and narrowed it down to a list. I’ve started to look for a crew to help shoot the pitch part of the video. There is of course the teaser part of the video. That is composed of two parts: the shots of dark woods and the voice-over of the characters from the script.

Now I can do a lot of things but I’m not an actor. I could maybe get away with playing Austin or a computerized radio message on the radio in the teaser but the kids? There’s no way I could do that. So this means having to find voice actors that could pass off as kids. I plan to record the lines for the voice actors in February. But I need to find the voice actors first and that’s why I’ve put out a search for voice actors on Backstage.

Like the crew, I can’t actually pay them except with food/drinks.