Day 118: Tentative Schedule

Yesterday  I outlined the three things I need to do before I can launch the Indiegogo campaign: finalize the budget, shoot the video, and set up a company.

So today I decided to sit down and actually write down a schedule. This schedule isn’t set in stone. Things could come up that could require delays. I might not be happy with the Indiegogo video and want to reshoot it. Having said that, I am hoping that all goes according to plan. So without further ado here is the schedule:

January 30th: Shoot the Indiegogo video pitch*!

Last 2 Weeks of March 2016: Indiegogo Campaign

April 2016: Pre-Production for Eternal Camping

August 2016: Shoot the Film

September 2016: Begin Post-Production

March 2017: Eternal Camping is completed!

This is a pretty ambitious schedule. If all goes well, I’ll be knee-deep in post-production in a year which would be pretty exciting! Of course, if I don’t meet the funding goal for the Indiegogo campaign, well I’ll have to figure out how to move forward on the project.

*I’ll still need to get footage of dark woods for the Indiegogo teaser trailer. I plan to do that over February. There’s a chance I might use public domain video.