Day 105: Major Script Change

Today I began going through the script making a significant change based on feedback I got. The original plan was that there is a character named Houston who represents faith and spirituality in the film. He suffers a crisis of faith in the film due to the end of the world. Meanwhile there is another character named Antonio who didn’t really want to go camping in the first place but has to accept this is his new home.  The feedback I got from someone planning on helping out with the film is she thought it would be better to switch the characters around. The characters stay the same: I’m just switching the names and ethnicity. Essentially what I’m going through now is switching the character names. So Houston is now Antonio and Antonio is now Houston. I’ve gone through the whole First Act today.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll finish up this major change. The story itself isn’t changing and only a couple lines of dialogue will actually be changed.