Day 102: Flipboard

Today I took my time to continue working on adding apps to the Hootsuite dashboard that will provide me with more data. I also started looking over the data I’ve already collected within 24 hours.

I did end up creating a Flipboard magazine for Eternal Camping. If you have a Flipboard account (or it’s on your phone like it’s on mine), you can “follow” my magazine and gets updates through Flipboard. It’s just yet another way to get your daily Eternal Camping update! If you are interested, click here.

I also looked at potentially getting a subreddit but it appears that you need an account that is 30 days and old and needs a certain level of karma to be able to have one. I don’t meet either of those criteria.

An update on the Facebook Boost Campaign: Eternal Camping is now up to 60 likes! That’s a huge improvement from before the campaign where there were only seven likes. Thanks to everyone who has liked the Facebook page so far! It really does mean a lot!

(If you want to help bring Eternal Camping to life, contact me! Be sure to like our Facebook page here and follow Eternal Camping on twitter here.)