Day 101: Data!

One of the goals this week has been to improve the social networking presence of Eternal Camping. This has included spreading across multiple platforms (Tumblr, Instagram, Google+). It has also included a more active Twitter feed during the week and a Facebook ad campaign that lasts until early next week.

Today’s work was more behind the scenes as I add plug-ins and apps to my Hootsuite dashboard that lets me know more information about how to reach people. Over time, I will be able to use this data to hopefully create more engaging content over social networks.

An update on the Facebook Boost Campaign: 303 people reached and 14 people have liked the page after just one day into the campaign. Thanks to everyone who has liked the Facebook page so far! It really does mean a lot!

(If you want to help bring Eternal Camping to life, contact me! Be sure to like our Facebook page here and follow Eternal Camping on twitter here.)