Day 99: Twitter and Tumblr

As many of you know, I spent the last week researching social media and ways to improve building a social community for Eternal Camping. Today I started to take some of those lessons by auto-scheduling tweets. For now, it’s mostly just scheduling tweets on suggestions by Hootsuite: articles related to horror, camping, and zombies. I edit these suggestions in an attempt to tie back each tweet to the movie somehow. So now if you follow me on twitter, you won’t just get updates on the project but you’ll also get content related to it as well!

I also went ahead and setup a Tumblr page. You can find it here. I was hesitant at first of getting a Tumblr page largely because it’s essentially a blog service. It’s kinda redundant with a WordPress blog but I felt that the ability to reach more people was worth the redundancy. I’m still experimenting with this on whether I just link back to this blog or just update both with the same information.

Having said that, this will remain the official website home for Eternal Camping.

(If you want to help bring Eternal Camping to life, contact me! Be sure to like our Facebook page here and follow Eternal Camping on twitter here.)