Day 100: Facebook & Instagram

Wow, 100 days I’ve been working on this project. That’s pretty amazing. It feels like only yesterday I got the idea for Eternal Camping and I’ve written a script, compiled a budget, and have the rough draft of an Indiegogo campaign ready to go.

My work on expanding the social media presence of Eternal Camping continues this week with two major updates. The first is that the Instagram profile is ready to go. You can “follow” the movie on Instagram by clicking here.

The second major move I made today was the decision to test out the “boost” feature of Facebook. Essentially this advertises a Facebook page or post across Facebook’s many users by paying them real money. The higher budget you have, the more people you reach. I’m going to try boosting the page at a low budget rate and hopefully that will bring more people in.

I’ll take what I learn from the “boost” feature to see if it’s worth using that to promote the Indiegogo page.

(If you want to help bring Eternal Camping to life, contact me! Be sure to like our Facebook page here and follow Eternal Camping on twitter here.)