Day 96: Social Media Research 2

Today I kept researched social media. It’s been an interesting read so far. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Jem and the Holograms but it was an animated show from the eighties that recently got turned into a feature film that bombed badly. They had attempted to use social media in an attempt to drum up fan support for the film-even though the film was nothing like the source material. They pretended to set up casting sessions for the fans to try to audition for the role of Jem-even though they had no real intentions of using them to cast. They then had fans submit videos of why Jem mattered to them which they then used in the movie-even though their version of Jem was drastically different than the one fans fell in love with. The fans didn’t bother seeing themselves pop up in the movie as it was pulled out of theaters after just two weeks.

In other words, it’s a warning sign which is part of the reason why I’ve been committed to being as transparent as possible. At the same time, social media can also be used properly to build up a fanbase. It helped make Cloverfield a giant hit and it’s through social media that a crowdfunding project can succeed. Which is why this research is so vital to this project: social media can be a tool but it has to be wielded properly.

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