Day 95: Social Media Research

I’ve shifted my focus to increasing the social media presence of Eternal Camping in an effort to build a fanbase before the Indiegogo campaign. Only how to do that? I’m not a marketing guy and while I have a twitter account and a Facebook account, I’ve only used social media for personal reasons. Using social media in an effort to build up a product is something that I have never actually done. Oh, sure, I run this blog which I promote using Facebook and Twitter but that’s about it. While I know some people have read at least a blog entry or two, the stats for the blog are actually very low. It’s clear that if I am to build a social media community then I need to do more.

The question becomes how to do that? So I’m going to spend this week doing research. I’m going to look up advice and guides through Google. I’m also going to look at examples of products that have tried to use social media in the past. I’m not looking to go viral here: just to have a group of people who are excited to potentially see this movie come alive. So that’s what I started doing today.

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