Day 94: Strategy Day

Today was a day where I spent the time to look at where I am in the project and what I need to do in the immediate future. For now, I’m going to put the Indiegogo campaign on the side. I still need to shoot the video and it’ll be quite a while before I’m ready to do that. I also need to finalize the budget. After all, I can’t just launch a campaign for a random amount of money. I need to make sure I have enough money to actually shoot the project. If you’ve been reading the blog, I’ve been waiting to hear back from someone I trust about the budget.

After careful consideration, I’m going to try to spend the next couple of weeks building up the movie’s social media presence. I’ve been hoping to build up a fanbase for the movie before I launch the Indiegogo campaign in an attempt to raise as much money in the critical first 24 hours of the campaign.  This is going to involve some research on my part as well.

For the near future: I’m going take the week of Thanksgiving off and then I’ll go back to working on Eternal Camping in December. The week of Christmas and New Year’s I’ll be taking another break.

I’m hoping that early 2016 is when I’ll be ready to shoot the pitch video and then move towards launching the Indiegogo campaign.

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