Day 90: Indiegogo Work

I’m going to spend another week working on the Indiegogo page. In case anyone is wondering, I’m also working on other scripts-especially television pilots that I hope I can sell or use to get an agent. So it’s not like I’m spending all day working on just the Indiegogo page-just the time I allocate on Eternal Camping until I’m at a stage where I can work on it full-time. 90 days into the project though and I think I’ve made a lot of progress: a script, a rough budget, and I’m well into the planning stage for Indiegogo.

For now, I’m leaving the amount each pledge is worth alone until I have a finalized budget. There are some perk rewards I am changing up but for now I’m going to leave this alone. My main concern remains with the text of the Indiegogo page. I want to make sure that it’s not only written well-I don’t want any spelling or grammatical mistakes-but also that it’s transparent and persuasive. I’m not a marketing guy and this is the realm of marketing so hopefully as a creator I’m able to get my vision across.

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