Day 81: Video Script

So today I sat down and I started working on the pitch video script. As I’ve noted before, I’m thinking of having two parts of the video. The first part is shots of forest with lines from the script. It’s a small teaser. The second part if the actual pitch where I speak to the camera and hope to sell the project.  I’ll work on the first part tomorrow but today I spent my time working on the second part.

It was definitely different from anything I’ve written before. There are no actual fictional characters. There is just what I plan to say: explain the project, explain what Indiegogo is, and introduce the characters. I plan to go back in a couple days and refine what I plan to  say as well and maybe see if I could make it more entertaining. Maybe add a couple jokes in there? There’s also no real attempt at describing the setting or putting in actions. It’s just one really long monologues. I did use “beats” to break up the monologue. I’ll likely use these beats to do the storyboard and break it up so I don’t say the whole thing every time when we shoot it.

Tomorrow, I’ll work on a fake teaser for the script.

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