Day 67: Indiegogo Page and Perks

So today I looked over the Indiegogo page I’ve built so far. It’s starting to slowly come together as I keep working on the campaign pitch on the front page.

One of the things I’ve started to really think about are the perks. Offering different perks for different donation levels is vital to a crowdfunding campaign. They are good in providing incentives to donate at higher levels but they can come with a problem: they can take away money you raised for the project to fulfill that perk. So my goal is to find perks to get people to donate without spending any money that should be going to Eternal Camping.

Like for instance e-mailing people a copy of the script might take time but it costs no money. Sending a physical version of the script would cost money to print and ship it. Of course, any cost can be covered by an individual pledge amount. In other words, there’s a lot to think about and if I do include perks that cost money to fulfill then I’ll have to add that money into the budget.

(I’d also like to thank Chris Harvey for providing a poster for me to use as an avatar on Facebook/Twitter! Be sure to like our Facebook page here and follow Eternal Camping on twitter here.)