Day 66: Social Media

Today I took some more steps towards launching the Indiegogo campaign. The first step I took was in working on the actual page. This included creating a description of the project, telling people who I am as well as my experience, and offering alternative ways to help if you want to but can’t afford to donate money. That is something I totally understand!

The second thing I did was start to establish a stronger social media presence. Okay, I created this blog about sixty six days ago (!) and I’ve been using social media to try to get people I know aware of it. In some ways it has worked but now I need to start increasing awareness. So I’ve gone ahead and created a new twitter account dedicated to JUST Eternal Camping while also creating a Facebook page for Eternal Camping.

You can “like” the Facebook page if you click here.

You can “follow” Eternal Camping on twitter if you click here.

Right now there’s really nothing there but keep your eye on them: they’ll fill up with content soon enough! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to also hear them!