Day 65: Indiegogo Campaign

Today I made a big step that’s kinda scary because it’s the first stage of the project that isn’t entirely in my control: the Indiegogo campaign. Okay, it’s true I’m not going to launch today. In fact all I did today was set up the basic campaign. I still need to do a lot of work to not only sell the project by explaining it but also in creating a video pitch. I also need to finalize just how much money I’m going to need to raise. If it’s $200,000 or $50,000 then that will make all the difference in how I approach this. Finally, I need to figure out how I’m going to spread the message about the campaign.

So why Indiegogo and not Kickstarter? While I like Kickstarter, I feel that Indiegogo is the best choice for Eternal Camping. For instance, if I raise $45,000 and I needed $50,000 then I still get the money I raised. I can find ways to either raise $5,000 through other means or cut the money from the budget. It also has the option that if I meet my goal, I can keep raising money until I actually finish making Eternal Camping. If I need the extra money, this could be useful. It also helps keep the Indiegogo page relevant which can help built a fan community around the film.

Essentially, I’m turning to Indiegogo because I feel it best delivers what I need. Now hopefully I can sell this project and people will donate money so that I do meet our goal. There’s still a long time before I launch the campaign though. But the first step is always important…